Computer Games Development

using Microsoft MakeCode Arcade

Microsoft MakeCode Arcade is a free online learn-to-code platforms where anyone can build retro style arcade games. 

Below are some tutorials that will help you get to grips with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade. You'll also find lot's of tutorials within MadeCode Arcade and there are some really good ones online as well. 

Chase the Pizza

In this tutorial you will create a game with 2 sprites, a Player Sprite and a Food Sprite. 

The goal of the game is to each as much pizza as you can before the time runs out! Each time your player catches the pizza, you gain points and the countdown is restarted. 


In this tutorial, you'll create a space plane that can fly through bogey spacecraft.

Can you survive the continuous attack?

Maze Game

Create a fast-paced maze game. 

Program your player to move through the maze, collecting objects and avoiding the enemies.  

Corgio's Adventure

A bit like Mario, but instead of a plumber it's a dog.