Computer Games Development

using Microsoft MakeCode Arcade

Chase the Pizza

In this tutorial you will create a game with 2 sprites, a Player Sprite and a Food Sprite. 

The goal of the game is to each as much pizza as you can before the time runs out! Each time your player catches the pizza, you gain points and the coutdown is restarted. 

Instructions .. 

Using any of the tutorial below create your own version of the 'Chase the Pizza' game. 

Your game doesn't have to involve Pizza, it can be about anything - appropriate for school.

Click on the link below to access the Chase the Pizza Tutorial in MakeCode Arcade ... 

🌐 Chase the Pizza Tutorial in Make Code Arcade

I've recorded a video video walkthrough of me creating this game, you may want to use this along side or instead of the instructions. 

💻 Mr Neil's 'Chase the Pizza' Video Tutorial

Challenges ...

Once you've completed your game, try adding some of the following aspects into your game ...